Feature SP601 COM-1600
Size 7.25" x 5.35" (76% smaller) 3" x 3"
FPGA XC6SLX16-2CS324 XC6SLX16-2CS324
ARM coprocessor None ARM 32-bit microcontroller (LPC1759)
120 MHz, 512 KB program flash, 64 KB RAM.
Users can develop sequential algorithms on this ARM processor to complement the massive parallel processing within the FPGA. Use is discretionary. Use is discretionary: the FPGA can be used without any ARM processor user programming.
DDR2 memory to FPGA 1Gbit 16-bit wide 1Gbit 16-bit wide
Flash 8 MB serial flash for FPGA config.
16 MB (28F128) for user data
1Gbit NAND
Combined FPGA configuration + user data
DAC None 12-bit 1MSamples/s for gain control

1 USB at UART speed
(1Mbaud/s max, 9.6Kbaud typ)

- USB 2.0 High-speed, 85 Mbits/s sustained throughput between FPGA and host PC.
- USB Full-speed connection between ARM processor and host PC.
Schematics Yes Yes
5V DC supply Yes Yes
Reverse voltage protection, transient voltage suppression No Yes
Ethernet 10/100/1000 PHY (requires software within FPGA) Through other ComBlocks.
Misc DIP switch, jumpers, LEDs, push buttons None
Compatible with free Xilinx ISE WebPACK Yes, node locked Yes
RoHs compliant Yes Yes
Technical support E-mail E-mail, Skype, Phone
Price $295 $275