LAN / TCP-IP Network Interface
  • A higher-performance newer-generation module is available: COM-5003
  • Provides high-speed network interface for data transfer and monitoring & control of ComBlock assemblies
  • Standard 10baseT LAN interface, RJ-45 connector
  • Support for multiple data streams, with a standard TCP-IP socket for each stream
  • HDLC multiplexing of two transmit streams:
    • transmit data channel
    • signaling channel
  • HDLC demultiplexing of two receive streams:
    • receive data channel
    • signaling channel
  • Elastic buffering and flow-control on each transmit and receive link
  • Monitoring and control of ComBlock assemblies over LAN or serial link from a graphical user interface
  • Single 5V supply. Connectorized 3”x 3” module for ease of prototyping. Standard 40 pin 2mm dual row connectors (right, bottom)
  • Note: the COM-5003 now provides a much higher throughput (53 Mbit/s) and extended functionality (USB)

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