Alain Zarembowitch

Alain Zarembowitch is the founder and CEO of Mobile Satellite Services Corporation, the company better known by its product brand ComBlock (low-cost rapid prototyping communication modules shown at

An inventor at heart, Mr. Zarembowitch has successfully designed many unique, innovative, state-of-the-art communication devices including:

  • Over 75 different ComBlock products, in volume production and successfully distributed to system integrators worldwide
  • The world's first Sirius satellite radio receiver
  • The first generation of WSI InFlight network to distribute real-time weather information to general aviation and maritime users
  • The world's first Inmarsat-M/B earth stations (while at Comsat)

In 2011 , Mr. Zarembowitch is instrumental in broadening the company's scope towards Gbit communication products.

Prior to starting MSS in 1994, Mr. Zarembowitch was a systems design engineer in the field of satellite and wireless telecommunications at Alcatel Espace headquarters (Courbevoie, France), at the European Space Agency (Noordwijk, the Netherlands), at the Japanese Space Agency (Tsukuba, Japan) and Comsat (Clarksburg, Maryland).

Mr. Zarembowitch holds two patents on VLSI implementation of a spread-spectrum acquisition circuit, and VLSI implementation of a PSK demodulator. He holds an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT.