COM-1827SOFT SOQPSK modem, VHDL source/IP core



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The COM-1827SOFT_SOQPSK_MODEM is a coherent modem for SOQPSK continuous phase modulation with flexible programmable features
  • SOQPSK is a spectrum-efficient constant envelope modulation well suited for operation through power amplifiers near saturation
  • Programmable symbol rate up to fclk/4, where fclk is the processing clock frequency
  • Excellent BER performance using trellis decoding (SOVA) 4-bit soft-decision demodulator output for best FEC decoder performance
  • Near theoretical BER vs Eb/No
  • ±50ppm symbol timing tracking
  • Carrier frequency acquisition: ±10% of symbol rate at the threshold
  • Acquisition threshold < 2dB Eb/No
  • Ancillary functions: BER tester, Matlab code for generating sampled stimulus waveforms
  • Tested on Xilinx 7-series FPGA, but portable to other FPGA types
The entire VHDL source code is deliverable.
Unlimited license to make and use. See the complete licensing terms at

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