70 MHz IF Modulator [0.2 - 80 MHz]
  • Quadrature modulator [0.2 - 80 MHz] center frequency
  • Extremely low-phase noise frequency synthesizer can be tuned over entire range by steps of 0.05Hz
  • Input: 50 Msamples/s 14-bit precision complex samples
  • 8-bit output amplitude control
  • Selectable internal / external 10 MHz frequency reference for the frequency synthesizer
  • SMA connectors. Single 5V supply. Connectorized 3”x 3” module for ease of prototyping

    Input Output
    COM-1402 PSK/QAM/APSK Digital Modulator COM-3011 [20 MHz- 3 GHz] Receiver (back to back with IF attenuators)
    COM-1019 Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum Digital Modulator  
    COM-1028 FSK/MSK/GFSK/GMSK Digital Modulator  
    COM-8001 Arbitrary waveform generator, 256MB, 1Gbit/s, 40 Msamples/s  
    COM-1200,1300,1400,1500,1700 FPGA + ARM development platforms  


    COM- 4004
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