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COM-1824 Channel emulator

The COM-1824 is a real-time digital channel simulator featuring multi-path fading, white Gaussian noise, frequency translation and long propagation delay (satellite link)

  • Multi-path: Rician (some line of sight), Rayleigh (no line of sight), Lognormal shadowing
  • Precise additive White Gaussian Noise
  • Long propagation delay, up to 256 MSamples for satellite link simulation
  • Maximum sampling rate 120 MSamples/s, complex, 16-bit precision. Support for complex baseband input and IF undersampling
  • Multi-path: 16 complex baseband paths (one direct, 15 scattered or reflected paths)


COM-1827SOFT CPM MOD Continuous Phase Modulator, VHDL source code & IP core

VHDL source code / IP core implementing several continuous phase modulations: FSK, MSK, GFSK, GMSK, PCM/FM, SOQPSK-MIL, SOQPSK-TG

Flexible run-time configuration with programmable data rates (up to fclk/4)

Pure VHDL source code for easy port to a variety of FPGAs.


COM-1806 Wideband signal capture and playback

The COM-1806 is a combine arbitrary waveform generator and data acquisition unit, equipped with 1GB or 8GB DDR3 memory

  • Files are transferred to/from a PC over gigabit Ethernet
  • I/Os from 1 to 64-bit at up to 125 MSamples/s
  • Simultaneous memory upload/download is possible
  • DDR3 memory throughput > 8 Gbits/s in each direction
  • Input signal conditioning: AGC, DC block, frequency translation, variable decimation, anti-aliasing filters
  • Output signal conditioning: variable interpolation, frequency translation, level control
  • File formats: binary or text tab-delimited (for simple interface with Matlab)
  • Connects directly to COM-4009 [0.4 - 4.4 GHz] RF modulator


COM-4009 Digital to [400MHz-4.4GHz] broadband quadrature RF modulator

The COM-4009 takes 12-bit I/Q LVDS baseband input samples and translates the center frequency anywhere in the range 400 MHz to 4.4 GHz.

  • RF synthesizer step size 5KHz or less
  • Low phase noise (-82 dBc @ 1 KHz offset, 3 GHz)
  • Agile frequency synthesizer: 200us retuning. 8 stored frequencies
  • Measures output power and temperature
  • Internal VCTCXO or external higher stability 10 MHz frequency reference
  • Connects directly to COM-1800 FPGA development platform


COM-7003 Turbo code error correction encoder/decoder

The COM-7003 is a full duplex turbo code encoder / decoder for error correction up to 16.5 Mbps (decoded bits) / 49.5 Mbps (encoded bits)

  • programmable rates from 1/3 to 6/7
  • programmable block length up to 2032 bits
  • Includes sync word insertion and automatic frame synchronization
  • CRC16 to discard decoded frames with remaining errors
  • Very low frame error rate: 1E-3 @ 1.6dB Eb/No (2032-bit frame, rate 1/3)


COM-7003SOFT Turbo code encoder/decoder, VHDL source code & IP core

VHDL source code / IP core implementing turbo code error correction encoding and decoding

Flexible run-time configuration with programmable rate (from 1/3 to 6/7) and frame length (up to 1000 payload Bytes).

Pure VHDL source code for easy port to a variety of FPGAs.


COM-1833 TDRSS modulator and channel simulator

The COM-1833 implements real-time modulation and channel simulation of a TDRSS user-to-ground link in four distinct blocks, each with distinct parameters controls:

  • TDRSS customer modulator, including spread-spectrum and narrow-band PSK
  • TDRSS transponder induced distortions
  • Ground terminal induced distortions
  • Orbit dynamic effects
It interfaces with COM-1826 TDRSS Spread-spectrum receivers over GbE LAN.

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