IP ROUTER / GATEWAY & DHCP SERVER for Gigabit Ethernet
  • The COM-5404 is a layer 3 IP router which acts as gateway between a gigabit Ethernet (GbE) LAN and a digital clock-synchronous link to/from WAN
  • IP frames can be forwarded and received as 8-bit parallel or 1-bit serial data streams
  • A CRC is attached to each transmitted IP frame for error detection at the receiving end
  • 1-bit serial streams are HDLC encoded and scrambled
  • IP offload engine (all IP protocols implemented in FPGA/VHDL) for maximum throughput performance and very low latency. Maximum throughput 950 Mbits/s (8-bit parallel interface) or 120 Mbits/s (1-bit serial interface)
  • Complies with IPv4 routers specifications RFC1812
  • Built-in DHCP server automatically assigns IP addresses to local IP clients, for ease of network management
  • Built-in DHCP client can be enabled to automatically fetch an IP address
  • Single 5V supply. Standard 98-pin PCIe female connector (right)
  • Typical application is to bridge islands of IP-based networks through fixed data rate satellite / wireless / cable modems:
    • UDP video streaming
    • IP datacasting
    • Two-way IP communications

    I/Os (right connector)
    COM-1509 Convolutional error correction codec
    COM-7002 TPC error correction codec
    COM-1500 FPGA + ARM +DDR2 SODIMM socket development platform


    Other Network Interfaces
    COM-5003 TCP-IP/USB Gateway
    Specifications (609 KB)
    VHDL Source Code / IP Overview
    $345 Ready-to-use Module
    $750 IP core, VHDL source, unlimited use