Bit Error Rate Generator / AWGN Generator
  • Note: The newer COM-1824 now provides higher performance and extended functionality
  • Synchronous serial bit error rate generator. Generates randomly distributed bit errors
  • Additive white gaussian noise generator. 2-channel, 10 bits/sample
  • Maximum throughput 40 Msamples/s
  • Accurately generates Additive White Gaussian Noise. Normal distribution up to 4.5 times the standard deviation. Box-Muller algorithm
  • Tabulates actual bit errors over an adjustable window from 1,000 bits to 1,000,000,000 bits, to trade off BER range and measurement duration
  • Connectorized 3”x 3” module for ease of prototyping. Standard 40 pin 2mm dual row connectors (left, right, bottom). Single 5V Supply. Interfaces with 5V and 3.3V logic

    *not an exhaustive list
    Input Output
    COM-1402 PSK/QAM/APSK Digital Modulator COM-1202 PSK/QAM/APSK Modem
    COM-1028 FSK/MSK/GFSK/GMSK Modulator COM-1027 FSK Demodulator
    COM-1519 DSSS modulator 60 Mchip/s COM-1518 DSSS demodulator 60 Mchip/s
    COM-7002 Turbo code error-correction encoder COM-7002 Turbo code error-correction decoder
    COM-1509 Convolutional Encoder, K=5,7,9 COM-1509 Convolutional Viterbi Decoder K=5,7,9
    COM-5003 TCP-IP / USB gateway COM-5003 TCP-IP / USB gateway
    COM-30xx All COM-30xx series receivers COM-2001 Digital-to-analog converter (test)
    COM-1005 Bit error rate measurement


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