10/100 Mbps IP Router
  • A higher-performance newer-generation module is now available. Please see: COM-5404
  • IP router acts as gateway between a 10/100Mbps LAN and a LVTTL synchronous link (WAN)
  • Typical application is to bridge islands of IP-based networks through fixed data rate satellite / wireless / cable modems:
    • UDP video streaming
    • IP datacasting
    • Two-way IP communications
  • IP packets can be transmitted as 8-bit parallel or 1-bit serial streams
  • A CRC is attached to each transmitted IP packet for error detection at the receiving end
  • 1-bit serial streams are HDLC encoded and scrambled
  • IP offload engine (IP routing implemented in FPGA/VHDL) for maximum throughput performance
  • Complies with IPv4 routers specifications RFC1812
  • Single 5V supply. Standard 40 pin 2mm dual row connectors (right, bottom)

    Input Output
    All ComBlock error-correction decoders: COM-1009, COM-1015, COM-7002, etc. All ComBlock error-correction encoders: COM-1010, COM-7002, etc.


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    COM-5003 TCP-IP/USB Gateway
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