Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 256MB 1Gbit/s
  • Note: This product is discontinued. The newer COM-1806 now provides higher performance
  • Stores 256 MB (-A option) or 1GB (-B option) of binary data in DRAM
  • High-speed upload over TCP-IP networks or USB using the COM-5003 gateway module
  • High-speed download examples:
    • 40 Msamples/s complex 10-bit D/A waveform generation @ baseband with COM-2001
    • 20 Msamples/s complex 14-bit D/A waveform generation @ 70 MHz IF with COM-4004
    • Digital device test
  • Downloaded data is pushed to or pulled by output module. The download speed is selectable from 0 to 40 Msamples/s by steps of 5 Hz
  • Single run or continuous download
  • User control over memory segmentation (start address, upload/download window size)
  • Sample Matlab/C programs to generate representative waveforms
  • ComScope-enabled: key internal signals can be captured in real-time and displayed on a host computer
  • Connectorized 3”x 3” module for ease of prototyping. Standard 40 pin 2mm dual row connectors (left, right). Single 5V supply with reverse voltage and overvoltage protection. Interfaces with 3.3V LVTTL logic

    *not an exhaustive list
    Input Output
    COM-5003 TCP-IP / USB Gateway COM-2001 Digital to Analog Conversion
      COM-4004 70 MHz IF Modulator
      All ComBlock digital demodulators
      All ComBlock digital modulators
      All ComBlock error correction encoders
      All ComBlock FPGA development platforms


    COM- 8001
    (260 KB)
    VHDL Source Code / IP Overview
    Matlab / C code