Signal Delay / Satellite Simulator
  • Note: The newer COM-1524 now provides higher performance (1GB) and extended functionality (Multipath, AWGN)
  • Programmable delay of a streaming baseband signal: up to 256MB
  • Ancillary functions:
    • Bias Removal
    • Frequency shift
    • AGC
    • Decimation
  • Maximum sampling rate: 40 MSamples/s complex baseband signal
  • Delay: 0 to 2.62 secs by steps of 0.625 microsecs (40Msamples/s)
  • Seamless connection to ComBlock digital and RF receivers and DACs
  • ComScope-enabled: key internal signals can be captured in real-time and displayed on a host computer
  • Connectorized 3”x 3” module for ease of prototyping. Standard 40 pin 2mm dual row connectors (left, right). Single 5V supply with reverse voltage and overvoltage protection. Interfaces with 3.3V LVTTL logic

    Input Output
    COM-3001/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 RF / IF / baseband receivers COM-2001 Digital-to-Analog Conversion, Baseband
      COM-4004 70 MHz IF Modulator
      COM-1023 BER generator, Additive White Gaussian Noise Generator
      COM-1023 Multipath simulator


    COM- 8005
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