• COM-5001 LAN module behaves erratically
    • Be sure to check the supply voltage. The COM-5001 LAN/IP interface module is very sensitive to any undervoltage condition. The supply voltage at the LAN daughter board must be near, and preferably above, +5V. Beware of daisy chaining the power supply to the ComBlock modules with thin supply cables as the last module in the chain may experience lower voltage due to losses in the cable.
  • COM-5001 The R1 resistor is hot
    • The COM-5001 LAN/IP interface module is protected against overvoltage condition by a shunt resistor. Any voltage above 5.2V cause the shunt to become active, thus dissipating heat. This is not a serious condition, but voltage supply should be controlled close to +5V.
  • LAN activity LED blinks but no data is going through
    • The LAN activity LED indicates that data packets are transmitted anywhere over the network, not necessarily destined to or originating from this particular module.
  • COM-5001 The LAN module seems to have stopped working
    • The most likely cause is a wrong selection of external clock for the COM-5001 module whereas no clock is provided by an external module. Using the ComBlock control center, change the clock selection to internal (REG22 bit 0 is '0') and recycle power.
  • After changing the COM-5001 IP address, the module stopped responding to Pings (the link LED is ON and the activity LED blinks).
    • After changing the module IP address, please turn the module power supply off then on again for the new address to be effective. In addition, some computers refresh their routing tables slowly. To accelerate the routing table update, you may consider turning your computer off then on again.

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