• No communication between the ComBlock Control Center and the ComBlock assembly
    • See the checklist here.
  • Is it possible to download a FPGA configuration file over the network?
    • Yes. To select a .mcs file on a remote computer, type \\remote_computer_name\disk_drive\directory_path\filename.mcs. However, timing issues while transfering large files over the network may render this procedure unreliable. Therefore, we recommend to copy the .mcs configuration file to the local computer first before configuring the FPGA.
  • The ComBlock Control Center can communicate with ComBlocks through several media: serial, LAN, USB, Cardbus. Is it possible to switch between media?
    • Yes. But we STRONGLY recommend switching the power off and on when moving the connection. Failure to do so may result in corrupted ComBlocks configurations.

    Basic Settings
    End-to-end Tests
    Comblock Control Center (GUI)
    LAN / TCP-IP Networking
    Test modules. Signal generators.
    Firmware Configuration Management